Growing Together aims to give parents extra time with an experienced birth professional so that they can feel fully prepared for the choices they need to make in the days, weeks and months ahead. We offer a variety of classes which provide parents with an opportunity to discuss any anxieties and all of their options for labour, birth and parenthood.
How are Growing Together antenatal classes different from NHS classes?
  • Growing Together antenatal classes are an enhanced service to that which is offered by the NHS.  As midwives face increasing pressures effecting the time and resources that they can devote to antenatal classes, we offer an affordable option to supplement your care.

  • Parents that attend Growing Together groups at KMI Ultrasound Clinic in Kings Hill appreciate the limited class sizes (maximum of 6 mothers and birth partners) and the opportunity ask their questions in a quieter environment.

  • Growing Together groups meet for four 90 minute classes to provide a comprehensive antenatal class to prepare parents for the choices that they make during labour, birth and the early days of parenthood  

  • Growing Together offer parents the opportunity to meet with an experienced birth educator with 10 years of midwifery experience in the comfort of their own home. daytime and evening private classes are available to fit in with your work and family commitments.

"I loved being able to ask any questions that popped into my head as it wasn’t a set class – it was about what we wanted to know" Paul, February 2015